A selection of our current and past projects since 2015.

Journal – Uni Place

Purpose-Built Student Accommodation | Project Value: $270m
804 Number of Beds
18,000m2+ Gross Floor Area
Dec 2018 Completion date

Citiplan works across a variety of asset classes, including residential, commercial and specialist property.

Journal – Central

Purpose-Built Student Accommodation | Project Value: $190m
587 Number of Beds
16,000m2+ Gross Floor Area
May 2020 Completion date

Lanbruk – Richmond Hill

Serviced Apartment | Project Value: $12m
26 Number of Dwellings
2,000m2 Gross Floor Area
August 2019 Completion date

Park Lane

Mixed-Use | Project Value: $40m
24 Number of Dwellings
6,000m2+ Gross Floor Area
Oct 2021 (estimated) Completion date

Richmond Place

Mixed-Use | Project Value: $43m
59 Number of Dwellings
7,000m2+ Gross Floor Area
June 2019 Completion date

Adelaide St

Multi-Residential | Project Value: $40m
34 Number of Dwellings
8,000m2+ Gross Floor Area
Feb 2019 Completion date

Elsternwick Place

Mixed-Use | Project Value: $45m
54 Number of Dwellings
11,000m2+ Gross Floor Area
Aug 2016 Completion date

Saint Martin

Mixed-Use | Project Value: $35m
51 Number of Dwellings
7,500m2 Gross Floor Area
July 2016 Completion date

Atherton Terrace

Multi-Residential | Project Value: $15m
11 Number of Dwellings
2,000m2+ Gross Floor Area
Aug 2019 Completion date

McKinnon Place

Multi-Residential | Project Value: $26m
23 Number of Dwellings
5,000m2+ Gross Floor Area
July 2019 Completion date